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Houston, TX: West Houston Food Truck Festival promises expanded menu

The trucks will offer waffles, hamburgers, sandwiches, wraps, grilled foods and deserts. Beer and wine beverages also will be for sale, in addition to soft drinks and water. Typical food costs depend on the vendor, Berger said.

Houston, TX: Celebrating National PB & J Day with Houston’s Monster PB&J Food Truck

Today we celebrate that most fundamental of American foodstuffs, a meal so beautiful in its simplicity that many never recognize it for the dynamic provision it is: the PB&J.

Houston, TX: Cousins Maine Lobster Rolls into Town

I'll admit I was startled - and skeptical - when a colleague wrote about the hours-long lines at the Cousins Maine Lobster food truck when it parked out at the Fulshear farmers market in February.

Houston, TX: Enjoy All-You-Can Eat Bites at the Best Damn Food Truck Festival Ever

Hunker down on all the food you can consume from 20 food trucks at the Best Damn Food Truck Festival Ever happening on Washington Avenue on Saturday, November 15, 2014.

Houston, TX: Food-Truck Festival Rolls Up on Washington Avenue

More than 20 of the city's favorite mobile kitchens will be parked at 1902 Washington, 2-8 p.m. Saturday, for the Best Damn Food Truck Festival Ever.

Houston, TX: A Houston Food Truck Where Everything is Made from Skratch

The truck is the brainchild of Carlos and his partner Paul Hill. After 20-plus years in the restaurant business, the pair found themselves with a little extra time on their hands. And a truckload of ideas.

Houston, TX: Changes in the UH Food Truck Scene

New food trucks have been added by UH Dining Services and started serving students on the first day of school.

Houston, TX: Sticky’s Chicken Food Truck Easy to Find Outside the Marquis II

When it comes to ordering, I tend to, um, stick to the sticky stuff (HAH!) such as the chicken wings whose crispy poultry meat is glazed with a sweet, slightly spicy sauce that will get all over your hands and face. Also terrific are the sliders, which layer crispy or sautéed chicken (go for the former), "sticky's sauce," mayonnaise, and provolone cheese on sweet, buttery Hawaiian rolls.

Houston, TX: Ripe Cuisine Set to Launch Vegan Food Truck With Help From Kickstarter

One of the things that really struck me as odd was going to the farmers' market and seeing all this beautiful produce, but nothing vegetarian being made by the cooks there. That got my mind ticking, and I got this idea about becoming a small vendor at the farmers' markets and creating a pop-up cafe.

Houston, TX: Local Food Truck Owners Agree that Inspections are Necessary to Avoid Accidents

some Houston-area mobile food truck operators have complained in the past that local rules and regulations amount to a burdensome level of bureaucratic red tape.