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Chicago, IL: Food Trucks Now Welcome at The Taste of Chicago

The food-truck industry continues to build in strength and numbers, and my administration is committed to creating the conditions and opportunities that will allow this industry to thrive, create jobs and support a vibrant food culture across Chicago

Montreal, CAN: City Moves Closer To Ending Street Food Ban

The aim is for sure to have street food in the downtown area, but also in other boroughs in Montreal,” said Veronique Fournier, the commission’s VP. “Why not in the parks, why not by the river for instance, at cultural events? Now Montreal is joining the ranks of other cities that have street food.

Austin, TX: Food Truck Industry at Crossroads

I am a bit concerned about the saturation [of mobile food vendors]. I personally think ... about 40 trucks do really well, about 300 make ends meet and the other 250–300 are [struggling]

Washington, DC: The Empire Strikes Back at Food Trucks

Washington DC is considering new regulations that would create special zones throughout with a limited number of parking space for food trucks. Truck owners would be assigned spaces based on a lottery, with winners getting a parking space but also paying a fee for the right.

New Orleans, LA: CBD Businesses Wage War on Food Trucks with Petition

New Orleans Food Truck Coalition has created their own petition, for new laws that include allowing trucks to park in areas of the CBD, which they are urging supported to sign as well

New Orleans, LA: N.O. Council President Proposes Food Truck Code Overhaul

Once the laws change here, I think the food-truck industry will really grow

Anchorage, AK: When Gourmet Food Goes Mobile – UAA Alum Launches Wheel Good Food

Being a business owner is terrifying and thrilling. You have to be a jack-of-all-trades,

National News: Hold That Mini-Burger – Restaurants Forecast Food For 2013

Technology is in and bacon-flavored chocolate is out, says a recent survey of 1,800 chefs across the nation

Columbus, OH: Food Truck Operators Band Together To Seek Rule Changes, Including On-Street Sales

I don’t think they want to stop us from making a living or feeding people

London, UK: UK Street Food Market Dominated by SSP, West Cornwall Pasty and AMT...

For many western travellers, the aroma's, flavours and sheer theatre of food prepared on the roadside provided inspiration for much of the food available on Britain's streets today.