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Lexington, KY: Food Truck Work Group Agrees on Pilot Program

If approved, program would allow food trucks to operate in designated “food truck zones” downtown

Lexington, KY: Lexington Food Truck Pilot Program Proposed

The two-year anniversary of the formation of Lexington’s Itinerant Merchant Task Force was April 20. While progress has been made, Lexington’s Food Trucks are not quite yet free.

Lexington, KY: New Proposal for Food Trucks Unveiled in Lexington

A proposal has been made to make it easier for food trucks to operate in Lexington.

Louisville, KY: Local Business is Going Mobile to Serve Farm Fresh Food

I kind of combine it with the idea of a farmers market where someone can come weekly to get access to this stuff with also having a full fledge store concept

Louisville, KY: East End Food Truck Round Up April 25, 2013

Giving you a little early notice so you can plan your lunch for next Thursday. Fellon McCord is hosting their second annual “East End Food Truck Roundup” at their location at 10200 Forest Green Blvd on Thursday April 25.

Louisville, KY: Frankfort Ave. to Host Food Truck Sunday on the 21st

Come out to Food Truck Sunday on Frankfort Avenue! From 11 AM to 2 PM, 3 local food trucks will sell their products on the lawn of St. Joe's (2823 Frankfort Ave.).

Louisville, KY: Food Truck Thursdays Return

Spalding’s Student Development and Campus Life team welcomes back Food Truck Thursdays–a warm-weather, lunchtime event featuring food trucks from the Louisville area.

Louisville, KY: Louisville Food Truck Operators to Gather Downtown Tuesday

People were under the misconception that mobile food only went over well in places like California, where the weather was nice year round. But I beg to differ because Louisville is a huge foodie town.

Lexington, KY: Lexington Debates Where Food Trucks Can Set Up Shop

Work continues to try and determine where Lexington mobile food vendors can set up shop downtown.

Lexington, KY: Work Group Loosening Restrictions on Food Trucks in Lexington

We got all of our questions clarified this morning. We are really encouraged. This is leaps and bounds from where we were.