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Mammoth, CA: Mammoth Gives Mobile Food Trucks A New Look

Due to the growing popularity of mobile businesses and, in particular, food trucks, many communities are currently revisiting and revising their regulations and permitting requirements for these types of businesses

National News : Finding the Best Location for Your Food Truck

Location is a key factor in any restaurant’s success. But a food truck’s whereabouts can change from one day — or hour — to the next.

Arlington, VA: Law Firms Recruited for Food Truck Fight in Arlington

Law firms are being recruited to help food truck vendors in Arlington fight citations for staying in one spot longer than an hour.

Arlington, VA: Law Firms Recruited for Food Truck Fight

We’ve been fighting on behalf of vendors across the nation and wanted to find a way for them to continue earning an honest living

Ocracoke Island, NC: Food Trucks Hit Bump

The best burrito that I’ve ever eaten came from Eduardo’s Taco Stand, a food-truck operation on Ocracoke Island.

Malibu, CA: Council Holds off on Food Truck Ordinance

Citing potential lawsuits, the Malibu City Council on Monday declined to pursue an ordinance regulating food trucks in city limits, instead turning to a little-known provision in state transportation law to prohibit them from parking on Pacific Coast Highway.

Sunrise City, FL: Food-Truck Ban Proposed by Sunrise Commissioner

Sunrise Commissioner Joseph Scuotto says food truck vendors have no base in the city and should not be allowed to just roll in and out

Looking for Chicago’s Food Trucks?

23 parking stands for the city's food trucks.

Buffalo, NY: Food Truck Contest is Saved by Merchant’s Donation

Simply Certificates, has volunteered to cover the $700

Ocean Beach, CA: Keep On Seafood Truckin’ in OB

Now, we move onto the dark side of the food truck scene. Yes, there is a dark side.