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London, UK: NYSF In London – Jerk Pork Sausage Wrap from Mama’s Jerk Station

The jerk sausage was coarsely-groundpork, like the Italian sausage we know and love, but with Jamaican seasonings. The sausage by itself was somewhat spicy, and with the homemade jerk sauce, it got fiery real quick.

London, UK: NYSF In London – Octopus Coconut Curry from Vinn Goute

If you go to London (or happen to live there), definitely look up Vinn Goute.

London, UK: Hot Food on A Cold Day

The sidewalk snacks of Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala have descended on London pavements in a big way, says Sheba Promod.

London, UK : The Chips are Down… Burger Chefs Bite Back Over Rare Meat...

They’re backlashing on the sort of operations that are a bit hit-and-miss, in terms of people who don’t know exactly where they’re getting their meat from, and getting cuts from different butchers

London, UK: London Street Food at the KERB – Spit & Roast

I had heard a lot of good things about the quality of the grub on offer at KERB. The choice was good… there were 4 vendors to choose from. I was in the mood for chicken so I made a beeline for the Spit & Roast van.

London, UK: Food Trucks Arrive in London

The food truck movement has officially made its way across the pond

London, UK: NYSF In London – Dessert from You Doughnut!

You Doughnut! fries up the raw dough fresh, right there at the stand after you order. They are called “doughnut bites”, but are 2-3 bites each. Once they are fried, you get several funky choices.

London, UK: Food Truck of the Week – The Meringue Girls

Each one of the bite-sized treats is handmade using natural ingredients and free-range eggs and comes in unique flavours like matcha green tea, pistachio with rosewater, strawberry and black pepper or coconut and hazelnut.

London, UK: NYSF In London – Pimp Steak from Big Apple Hot Dogs

Big Apple Hot Dogs had a great-looking kielbasa called The Huge Pole, but we wanted something smaller so it wouldn’t cut into our appetite too much.

Uxbridge, London: London Street Food – Garlic Prawnies

It took me about 3 seconds of consideration before I ordered a polystyrene cup of the Garlic Prawnies for the princely sum of 3 quid, which was an absolute bargain!