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London, ENG: Three upcoming London food festivals

Event looks at three food and wine festivals taking place in London over the coming months.

London, UK: Eat me, drink me – Urban Food Fest puts on ‘Alice In...

Get ready street food fans, Urban Food Fest is back – and this time it’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed.

London, UK: Snacks in the City – Bishopsgate Market brings street food to the...

Bishopsgate Market is open every Tuesday and Wednesday until September (11.45am-2.15pm). Food includes burgers from Bleecker Street, own-made fish fingers in a bun from Hix’s FishDog, braised meats and stews from Roadery, plus moreish doughnuts from Crosstown – the salt caramel and banana version we tried was finger-lickin’ good.

London, CAN: Food Truck Fix Could Come to Forest City this Spring

Proposed rules include trucks being 25 metres from existing restaurants and other refreshment vehicles, 100 metres from festivals or special events, 25 metres from schools and no setting up on residential streets.

London, UK: From Street to Seat – The Food Vans Moving into Restaurants

The hot trend of food vans spread rapidly across London. Now they are turning themselves into bona fide restaurants. Victoria Stewart charts those who have gone from street to seat

London, UK: Gherkin Street Food Market in A Pickle After it’s Told to Close

A street food market outside the Gherkin serving up everything from burritos to fresh doughnuts to City workers has shut down after it was accused by officials of being “unsightly”.

London, UK: Do You Fancy A Food Rave? Street Feast is Where the Party’s...

It’s a festival experience but in the middle of London, and it happens every week

London, CAN: London Politicians Hit Brakes on Food Trucks – For Now

Curbside cuisine is offered in many major cities, and staff presented a plan at city hall Monday to allow three trucks to set up near Victoria Park from June to November, within the hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

London, CAN: Food Truck Revolution Could be Headed to London – But will There...

Downtown food trucks are back on the menu for London, but an appeal has been made for them to serve up benefits for local businesses.

London, UK: Unveiling the Mobile Kitchen!

The Brixton People’s Kitchen team has been busy designing and building a kitchen. On a bike. Just because. And we are planning to take it to different places over the Summer. But before we do that, we would like to celebrate (again!) in our usual venue, Myatt’s Fields Park