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Food Truck Makers Revived by Gourmet Trend

Hopeful gourmet truck entrepreneurs come from all over the country to get retired vehicles transformed into gleaming, rolling emporiums that dish out everything from comfort food to exotic fare.

High Tech Gourmet on the Go: The Food Truck Craze

By necessity POS workstations in food trucks must either be handheld mobile units or have a very small footprint.

Philly, PA: Soulful Truckin’

They can be tasty, inexpensive, and with the right choices, even healthy. Today's destination is Denise's Soul Food truck.

Phoenix: Market on the Grow in North

While the street food market is limited in the downtown it's growing in the north industrial area where a number of concession-style food trucks have entered the market.

Saskatchewan, CAN: Dining a La ‘Cart’ Downtown

Kuan has watched as hot dog cart competition moves in each year "like flies," but with little staying power.

UPDATE: Food Trucks Hitting Long Beach Streets May 4 Following Council’s Approval of Regulations

by Allison Jean Eaton | Long Beach News The Long Beach City Council recently threw its support behind allowing lunch trucks to operate ...

Mobile Farmers Markets: The Next “Big Thing” in Food Trucks?

Riverview Farms of Ranger, Georgia, has created a mobile farmers market that brings sustainably-grown produce to various locations in Atlanta.

Philly: Drexel Alumni Introduce Lunch Truck App

With the website, students will no longer be required to wait in line or pay in cash to order from participating lunch trucks.

West Chester, PA: Food On The Move

Matt Gourley, who has worked in the restaurant business for 20 years, has operated The Lunchbox on West Chester University's campus since last fall.

Orange County: Review of Chunk N Chip Lunch Truck

We were at the Swapmeet at the Orange County Fairgrounds today and bought a lot of a fresh produce and other junk that we didn’t need.