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SF: Gourmet Eats on the Move to Suburbia

You don't have to cruise the streets of San Francisco or Berkeley for the latest food truck sensation: mobile gourmet trucks have hit the 'burbs.

Fighting Childhood Obesity with a New Pair of Denim

unlike your average LA food truck, this one is stocked with a trainer, nutritionist, and a ‘Magic Mirror,’ which helps kids visualize how they’d look with a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). It’s meant to be a source of motivation.

The Gourmet Food Truck Movement

Technology is also reacing into the trucks too, with an app called FastPass, that makes ordering from a mobile phone easier, and brings a loyalty program to the rolling eateries.

Miami Food Trucks Are All Gathering Around Brickell Honda on Wednesday Nights!

So by now you have probably heard all the craze going on about Food trucks or you are probably curious about what all the hype is. Food Trucks have been around for decades; however, lately they have been gaining huge popularity in cities like New York, LA, Portland, and Miami.