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Winnipeg, CAN: Putting food trucks on the map

A new smartphone technology is helping put Winnipeg food trucks on the map.

Seattle, WA: The no-power lunch – Seattle food trucks used Square’s Offline Mode to...

The power outage in downtown Seattle on Wednesday wasn’t going to keep office workers from eating, and thanks to one bit of technology from the payment service Square, food trucks did a brisk business.

National News: Why Food Trucks Locate Where They Do

Five big takeaways from a unique new study.

National News: A founder bromance fuels this crowdsourced street food app

Samoza is completely bootstrapped at the moment and is only a few months old, but the founders have crowdsourced a lot of the work on the app and have a monetization strategy in place. They plan on looking for funding soon.

Milan, ITA: Italy startup leads street food revolution

By  Patrick Browne  |  The Local - Italy The app, Streeteat, was released in Italy this May and has since been downloaded more than 10,000...

National News: Mobile credit reader for iOS devices brings Apple Pay to small retailers

The new tool means people could use Apple Pay instead of cash at their favorite food trucks.

National News: Soon, You Can Go Cash-Free At Your Favorite Food Truck

PayAnywhere, launching today, is a mobile credit-card reader with Apple Pay built in. In fact, it's the first of its kind.

Tennessee : Tennessee introduces a mobile app for you to see restaurant food...

The Tennessee departments of Health and Agriculture have partnered to develop a mobile app that allows users to check any Tennessee restaurant inspection score no matter where they are located.

Gourmet Eats on the Move to Suburbia

You don't have to cruise the streets of San Francisco or Berkeley for the latest food truck sensation: mobile gourmet trucks have hit the 'burbs.