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New York, NY: NYC Uses Food Trucks to Bring Summer Meals to Kids

Within minutes, the line at the food truck parked on a busy Queens thoroughfare extended several people deep. Hipster foodies looking to sample vegan pizzas or fusion tacos?

National News: Food Trucks Faced With Fines Choose Alternate Routes

“If I just had a food truck in New York City, I would be out of business."

New York, NY: Forego a Restaurant For Modern Mobile Custom Food Trucks From Shanghai...

Food trucks also offer more options for relocating than owning the average food kiosk, which may limit the inventory that you can store inside.

New York, NY: 10 Best fFood Trucks in New York City

Fortunately, a few locals with industrious spirits and impressive parallel parking skills have made New York's food truck dream into a reality. Follow your nose (and your Twitter feed) to get a taste of these mobile maestros.

New York, NY: The Best Street Food in New York City

Street food is an integral part of local cuisine in many cultures. New York City is often described as a melting pot of cultures so it is no surprise that NYC has a very bright, vibrant street food scene.

New York, NY: Have You Spotted the Freshpet Food Truck?

The Freshpet Food Truck has tongues (and tails) wagging all over New York City. It’s the first food truck for dogs! It travels all over and introduces Freshpet fresh dog food to New York’s best friends.

New York, NY: New York City Food Trucks – A New Way to Bite...

New York City‘s iconic hot dog carts are sharing increasingly crowded curbs with high-end food trucks dishing up Belgian waffles, Korean barbecue, gourmet whoopie pies and new interpretations of American classics.

Boston, MA: The Complete Guide to Boston’s Food Trucks

As the 2013 season revs up, discover what’s on the menu at 13 newcomers and dozens of favorites. Plus, what you need to know to locate these mobile eateries.

Cape Elizabeth, ME: Fort Williams Food Truck Invited to National Lobster Roll Competition

Tickets are almost sold out for the Tasting Table’s annual “Lobster Roll Rumble." Each competitor will be serving 1,300 lobster rolls in one night

New York, NY: Best Street Food Venders in New York City

Street food was once the sole compass, for the most part, of hot dog carts. Change, however, has come swiftly to Gotham. Now the panoply of grub in store for hungry ambulators spans a wide spectrum and, at last, reflects the demographics of a metropolis where over 800 languages are spoken.