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Ottawa, CA: Health Board to Review New Food Truck Guidelines

City hall is in the process of granting 20 new spots for food carts and trucks in Ottawa.

Ottawa, ONT: Ottawa Set To Welcome New Street Food

Looser proposed rules governing food trucks in the city would mean that 20 vehicles

Ottawa, ONT: Come & Get it! High School Students May Apply for Food Truck

Preaching the gospel of healthy, creative cuisine one takeout at a time

Ottawa, ONT: Push for Food-Truck Variety Doesn’t Mean Nanny Statism’s on the Menu

City shouldn’t micromanage the folks to whom it gives licenses and permits.

Ottawa, ONT: Looser Street-Food Rules Get Committee OK

Menu panel to rule on bids for 20 new vending spots on city streets

Ottawa, ONT: More Street-Food Spaces Proposed as City Looks to Boost Meal Offerings

20 more spaces for street-food vendors could be allocated as part of a proposed plan

Ottawa, CAN: Food-Cart Licensing Part of Bylaw Review

City of Ottawa staff are working to "modernize" a business licensing

Ottawa, ONT: Food Truck Fever

Why are there so darned few streetfood trucks in the nation's capital?

Ottawa: You Can Eat Off the Streets

15 Years since a new licence was issued!

Will Canadian Cities Ever Get Good Street Food?

"From Bangkok to New York City, Vancouver is now joining those ranks and putting our best on the streets so everyone can sample from that," Roberston told the Georgia Straight.