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Ottawa, CAN: Ottawa Gets Taste of New Food-Truck Fare

The new trucks and carts will add to the 44 street food vendors already licensed.

Ottawa, CAN: Food Truck Scene Puts Ottawa on the Map “in a Very Big...

I’m very proud to say Ottawa is now a leader in terms of the food truck revolution

Ottawa, CAN: Ottawa’s Seven New Food Carts Will Spice Up Our Streets

I was an ice-cream lover but now I’m a convert. Frozen yogurt is light, it’s not salty and rich like ice cream, it’s healthy and full of probiotics

Ottawa, CAN: Food Trucks to Make Over Ottawa’s Street Food Scene

Merry Dairy owner Marlene Haley speaks with satisfied customer Stephen Hayward as he tries the truck for the second time.

Ottawa, CA: Seafood, Gourmet International Cuisine on the Menu As City Preps Food-Truck List

The trucks themselves are now full built-out kitchens. Some of these folks are expecting to do catering and other stuff .

Ottawa, CA: Spicing up Ottawa’s Street Food

The city has approved 11 new food trucks and 8 carts under a new street food program.

Ottawa, CAN: Boston’s Rules Spawned Mobile, Diverse Street Food Vendors

Ottawa’s food truck initiative began in earnest Friday, the deadline for applications for the city’s 20 new vendor licenses.

Ottawa, CAN: Street Food Program’s Paternalism

The most frustrating angle to Ottawa’s revamped street food vendor program is how city management likely doesn’t understand how they’re treating applicants.

Ottawa, CAN: Affirmative Action for Street Food Waged as Ottawa City Hall Seeks Greater...

The City of Ottawa is granting 20 new street food vendor licences mid-January — but only if the applicants successfully jump through some pretty ludicrous hoops.

Ottawa, CA: Urban Pear Resto Promises to Make Ottawa’s Food Truck Landscape Even More...

I have a rough business plan drawn out. I’m self-financing the truck. I think the plan for the city is not so much financial as it is geared to (showing them) my product, what it’s going to look like.