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Bonita Spring, FL: Food truck park coming to downtown Bonita Springs

Downtown Bonita Springs will have a food truck park after the city council approved a developer’s plan.

Tuscaloosa, AL: Tuscaloosa Moving Vendors Out of Public Parking Spaces

Those operating away from downtown must obtain a vendor license only, and these vendors can set up on any patch of private property as long as the owner grants permission.

Lexington, KY: Lexington Parking Authority Expected to Enact New Regulations for Food Trucks

The regulation changes stem from the Parking Authority's efforts to clarify its role in regulating food trucks that park in metered parking zones. For the past two weeks, the Parking Authority has been researching data on the occupancy rate of downtown parking spaces. That process delayed the Urban County Council's final reading on a proposed six-month pilot project for food trucks on downtown streets.

Manhattan, NY: A Bid to Make Peace in the Food Truck Wars

Restaurants are often the first to complain when food trucks move in. But the trucks have also been on shaky legal ground since a judge ruled in 2011 that they cannot idle in metered parking spaces.

Las Vegas, NV: Food Trucks to Get Dedicated Parking Spaces at 3 Downtown Locations

Food trucks will be able to lease one of three reserved parking spaces downtown from the city for $5 per hour. Operating a food truck legally in the city can be challenging because the trucks only are allowed to park at a meter for 30 minutes at a time, even though setting up the kitchen often takes half an hour.

Las Vegas, NV: Vegas City Council Approves Food Truck Spaces

Las Vegas City Council unanimously approved a motion Wednesday on three special downtown parking spaces that would allow food trucks to operate legally.

St. Louis, MO: City Introduces “Food Truck Row” Downtown

Food trucks will no longer have to battle for one of the precious few spots downtown

Food Truck Operators Call D.C.’s Parking-Meter Crackdown Unfair

Public Works has been cracking down on food trucks

NYC: The Rise & Stall of Food Trucks

“There are plenty of people who are seriously questioning the viability of this business" says Weber.

Chapel Hill: Council to Weigh Food Truck Rules

The town has proposed letting food trucks operate in some lots in commercial districts