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San Diego, CA: Feast from SD’s 8 Finest Food Trucks

Whatever your style, here are eight can’t-miss trucks there to help your physique begin to resemble one.

San Diego, CA: Our iPhone App is Coming Soon!

The best way to find and book your favorite San Diego food trucks!

San Diego, CA: Food Trucks Are Back at Petco Park for SDCC 2013

The Super Q Food Truck serves hickory smoked BBQ, and STUFFED delivers burgers, mac and cheese and tots. We’re getting hungry already.

San Diego, CA: Food Trucks at San Diego Comic Con 2013

Everyone wants to know where the food trucks will be this year!

San Diego, CA: Jeffries Working to Repeal Food Truck Ban

We are the last county, I believe, in Southern California that bans food trucks from being in the county unless they’re at a festival

San Diego, CA: Food Trucks vs. Restaurants in Downtown

In San Diego, we wanted to first test the waters to see if we would have a problem parking our trucks down there, but now we’ve started these weekly street closures so we’d have an organized way to have food trucks and it wouldn’t be a free for all with trucks parking on the streets

San Diego, CA: Food Trucks Coming to SM Farmers Market

Gourmet food trucks will soon be a fixture at the San Marcos Farmers Market from 4 to 7 p.m. every Wednesday.

San Diego, CA: Food Trucks in San Diego Getting Graded on Cleanliness

Today, people in San Diego have now shifted their concerns to food control. Years ago San Diego became one of the first counties to require a grading system by health inspectors. With such easy grading scales of “A,” “B,” “C,” customers can find the regulations assuring to determine a safe place to eat.

San Diego, CA: Food Truck Fierceness to kick off annual Dining Out For...

As the community gears up for the annual Dining Out for Life event next month, The San Diego LGBT Community Center will host Food Truck Fierceness on Thursday, March 21 from 5-8 pm

National News: Running Food Truck No Easy Ride

Our original thought was to cater to people getting out of bars at 2 a.m., but then we found out that drunk people don’t eat ice cream