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San Diego, CA: San Diego Food Trucks Receive Letter Grades

San Diego food trucks will receive letter grades from county inspectors starting this month.

San Diego, CA: County Starts Grading Food Trucks

Now that food trucks will display letter grades just like restaurants, Huarte hopes skeptics will be reassured.

San Diego, CA: San Diego County Restaurant Grading Systems Expands To Food Trucks

The events that we're at are mobile events and you walk by and you're not sure, how good is this stuff, how safe is it. You see the A on my cart, you know I've been inspected by the health dept and you know you can feel comfortable coming to me

San Diego, CA: San Diego To Hand Out Letter Grades to Food Trucks

Starting Tuesday food trucks will have to prove they are just as safe to eat at as restaurants by displaying a health rating letter grade.

San Diego, CA: Street Food Comes To The San Diego Public Market

The San Diego Public Market is steadily building towards their goal of creating a year-round marketplace with shops for farms, food artisans, chefs and restaurants.

San Diego, CA: Food Truck Festival Coming Saturday to 4S Ranch

Food trucks have been the biggest boom in San Diego, with 40 specialty trucks (based in the county), adding all those participating in the event are county-based

San Diego, CA: A New Breed of Food Truck – Mastiff Sausage Co.

All the food is done from scratch, and as locally-sourced as possible. Instead of farm-to-table, they're calling it seed-to-street. The co-owners have a garden, so the cucumber pickles are homegrown, as are the chilies for their hot sauce.

San Diego, CA: Green Truck Gets New Chef, Plans Pop-Up’s

Green Truck will'll be developing new monthly menus going forward; one of her newest dishes is a white miso ginger soup with mushrooms and rice noodles.

San Diego, CA: Food Truck Grades Coming Soon

In order to earn an A, the inspection must result in a score of 90 to 100 and means the operation complies with state law. A grade of B means the operation needs improvement but can operate, and a C is considered a failing grade.

San Diego, CA: Food Trucks Must Make the Grade

A, B and C grades replacing pass/fail for San Diego County food truck nation