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Long Beach: Upcoming Food Truck Premiere Will Help Unite Community

The foods that will be at "Lunch Truck It" include Italian food, gourmet burgers, vegetarian cuisine, homemade candy and more.

Social Media Influential

The result was standing room-only crowds at the restaurant, nearly 16,000 Facebook fans and a victory in Food Network's $10,000 online contest to name the nation's top food truck.

Social Media Comes to Elk Grove, CA

We had our first-ever Elk Grove Tweetup last week, and two Sacramento food trucks journeyed here on Saturday.


Local catering company Heirloom-LA reveals their new gourmet food truck that is powered by Windows Phone tomorrow evening at Bar Covell and we would love to see you there!

Miami: Latin Burger Tops in Twitter Followers, GastroPod #2, Fish Box #3

Once the avenue for college kids to accumulate friends, social networking is now a part of a lot of company marketing strategies.

Food Trucks Starting to Make the Presence Known in Silver Spring

Several new food truck businesses have been sighted around downtown Silver Spring this month, including Tops American Food Company and Sub-Urban-Bros: The Great Sandwich Truck. Each has been on the road for only a few weeks, but both have already been making regular stops near the intersection of Wayne Avenue and Colesville Road.

March Madness: The Food Truck Edition

For its current issue, Bloomberg Businessweek chose 16 food trucks—four each from America's south, east, mid-west, and west."

Cincinnati Food Truck Gets Some Love, But Not Too Much, From Business Week

A food vending truck that parks around Downtown and Over-the-Rhine is one of 16 such mobile restaurants nationwide featured this week by Businessweek.

Businessweek Pits Food Trucks in a March Madness Bracket

These days, American street food is undergoing a rebirth. French rotisserie, Vietnamese bánh mì, and Gruyère grilled cheese can all be found at gourmet food trucks, with menu items generally ranging between $3 and $10 apiece.

Credit Card Payments on the Go? Swipe it, Don’t Type It

There are terminal-less options where you simply type credit card info and have a different company process the payment for you, but there are two major flaws to this process.