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Los Angeles, CA: Dollar Hits – Los Angeles Gets a Go at Street Food,...

Street food, Pinoy style is finding its way into the bellies of adventurous foodies and those who have a hankering for a taste of home in LA, the City of Lights.

Manila, PH: The Filipino Streetfood #2 – Betamax

This food was commonly seen on food stalls along the busy streets. You can easily locate one stall that sells this kind of food if you can trace a thick white smoke coming from the burning charcoals.

Manila, Philippines: Fishball (Philippines StreetFood)

Fish balls are a common food in southern China and overseas Chinese communities made from surimi

Munich, DE : German Street Food

The sights, sounds and smells of the Munich Christmas markets tantalise your senses with every step. So much tempting street food on offer that in between breakfast anddinner we ate on the hoof.

Uxbridge, London: London Street Food – Garlic Prawnies

It took me about 3 seconds of consideration before I ordered a polystyrene cup of the Garlic Prawnies for the princely sum of 3 quid, which was an absolute bargain!

London, GB: How to Set up a Streaterie

Everyone wants to set up their own food stalls

British Street Food Awards 2011 – The Pie Man

Andy Bates was there at the very beginning of London Street Food Revolution.

Make Money on the Move with Mobile Catering Trucks

The mobile catering business is a vastly growing industry every year and a great way to become a part of it is by working with mobile catering trucks.

Make Money On The Move With Mobile Catering Trucks

A mobile catering business that keeps the lines short is one of the most important ways to get good business because people will normally go for the stand with the smallest line.

Surat, India: SMC to Provide Food Licence to Roadside Eateries

Surat Municipal Corporation ( SMC) is all set to issue food licence to roadside eatery stalls based on the guidelines of the health department in order to maintain the health and hygiene standards in the city.