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Twitterati: 5 Traits of Successful Business Accounts on Twitter

The Twitterati are those who use the free social marketing tool to its best advantage, have thousands of followers and generate considerable buzz — and biz — with their tweeting efforts.

RIVERSIDE, CA – New Rules Would Restrict Food Trucks

Councilman Steve Adams, who proposed the new rules, said they were prompted by issues with ice cream vendors.

Increased Food Truck Enforcement in D.C.?

MPD was spotted talking with two food trucks at L’Enfant Plaza, and that perhaps one of them had received a ticket.

Mobile Meals on Four Wheels

Food trucks have popped up all over the country, even garnering enough attention to warrant national competitions itching to crown the next Food Truck King.

5 Tips for Shooting Food Photos with Your iPhone

Lots of you like snapping photos using a point-and-shoot digital camera or something nicer if you have it despite the weird looks of wait staff and fellow patrons.

Food Network Filming “Eat Street” аt Beverly Hills Porsche

Food Network Canada followed a few οf thе Los Angeles food trucks fοr a special "Eat Street" TV ѕhοw. Thеу caught up wіth thе world famous Grilled Cheese Truck melting cheesy treats іn front οf thе Beverly Hills Service Center οn Santa Monica Blvd.

Food Trucks Revolutionize Houston Dining & There’s No Stopping This Roll

Without a standing storefront, founder Julia Sharaby took her food truck to Downtown, Midtown and the Greenway area at lunchtime, and to the Washington and Lower Westheimer areas for late night eats.

Miami: La Camaronera’s Fish Box Food Truck on Biscayne

When we got to Biscayne and 64th street, La Camaronera's Fish Box, Sakaya Kitchen's Dim Ssam a Go Go, Chef Bullfrog's Gastropod, and former Detroit Tiger Jim Heins' Latin Burger Truck were already caravanned.

Our Mood in Food 2011: Diners are a-Twitter as Chefs Take Food to the...

Tired of high rents in the big cities, chefs in New York, LA and Austin, Texas, have been taking their food to the streets, setting up mobile truck restaurants and then broadcasting the location of the day on Facebook and Twitter.

Top 100 Restaurants (and Food Trucks) on Twitter for 2010

From well known chains, to food trucks, wine shops, specialty stores and even mom and pops; restaurants have found a great place to connect with current and future clients. Food trucks tweet their location on a daily basis. Restaurants respond to positive (and sometimes negative) reviews, mom and pops tweet special events like wine dinners.