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Norfolk, VA: Norfolk Allows Food Trucks in Metered Spaces

The council has been debating the regulations for several months, and the version that was approved Tuesday night had been significantly revised to address the concerns of restaurateurs.

Alexandria, VA: Wheels Come Off Market Square Food Cart Program

City Hall’s plan for transforming Market Square into a bustling food court hit a snag this year — lack of interest.

Alexandria, VA: Food Trucks Headed to Alexandria

City Council is expected to consider a proposal in June put together by staff.

Arlington, VA: Will Arlington Food Trucks Be Able to Park Longer Than Two Hours...

County officials to consider creation of vending zones that would allow more flexibility.

Arlington, VA: Board Votes to Extend Food Truck Parking Time

Food trucks will now be able to serve customers on local streets for up to two hours. They will not, however, be able to stay longer than the time allocated by the meter zone they’re parked in.

Arlington, VA: Food Truck Climate Warms Up in Arlington

Food trucks in Arlington will have a whole two hours to sell their goodies now, as the county board unanimously approved doubling the previous one-hour parking limit Tuesday.

Arlington, VA: Board to Consider Food Truck Parking Change

Arlington’s food trucks may have an easier time adhering to the law if the County Board adopts changes to an ordinance this weekend. The parking issues that have been plaguing food truck vendors and resulted in legal battles in recent months will come up at Saturday’s board meeting.

Arlington, VA: Why New Laws May Turn Arlington into a Food Truck Haven

Arlington County officials are looking at new regulations that would allow food truck vendors to stay in one place twice as long as they currently can.

Rosslyn, VA: Mama’s Donut Bites Brings Fresh Treats to Rosslyn

Bring the ingredients for the donuts to the site and fry them to order on the truck. They offer one donut flavor a day, ranging from apple cider to red velvet and blueberry.

Richmond, VA: Barbecue Truck Finds A Permanent Spot

Our goal is to make barbecue as exquisite as any other food-based hobby, like wine or craft beer