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Cincinnati, OH: Keep on Food Truckin’

Turophilia has a full menu of 15 unique quesadillas made with whole wheat organic tortillas, and Fallon selects about a half dozen to prepare each day.

PETA Announces Top 5 Vegan-Friendly Food Trucks

The non-profit animal rights group PETA has listed the top five vegan-friendly food trucks in the U.S., BBQ seitan anyone?

Interview: Louisville’s First Vegan Food Truck (hopefully)

Stanley Chase III started a project on Kickstarter.com to launch Louisville's first vegan food truck (Morels Vegan Food Truck). What, exactly, is that? It's simple: a mobile, versatile truck, armed to fry, cook, and prepare delicious vegan food, traveling all over Louisville, serving delicious vegan food to anyone near by.

Food Tasting Fundraiser on Jan. 7th for the Morels Vegan Food Truck

Hey remember that vegan food truck idea that I’m so excited about and really want to see come to life? Well there’s a food tasting and fundraising event for that endeavor this Friday night.

LA: Vegan at Clean Street Food Truck

There was a new food truck on the block during lunch today – which is a big deal to me because my options for food, especially within walking distance, are limited and starting to get a little old.

Owner of Gourmet Good Truck Wants Piece of Red Bank Pie

By LARRY HIGGS • STAFF WRITER • November 9, 2010 RED BANK — Can the owner of a gourmet food truck find a legal place...