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Vancouver May Impose Nutritional Requirements on Street Vendors

Vancouver is looking to become the first city in Canada to implement minimum nutritional standards for new street food vendors.

Gang Members Plead “Not Guilty” to Food Truck Vendor Extortion

Two alleged gang members who are accused of trying to extort money from food truck vendors pleaded not guilty Thursday in a Los Angeles courtroom, according to the District Attorney's Office.

L.A.: Food Trucks Offer a Solution to Restaurant Closures at 7+Fig

DTLA Food Trucks, an initiative that launched on Monday providing 7th + Fig foodies with L.A.'s famous food truck grub, offers a solution to recent construction closures on the lower level dining area.

Venice ‘First Fridays’ Food Trucks Scared Off – Again – By Abbot Kinney Merchants

Only seven food trucks were brave enough to park along Abbot Kinney Boulevard last Friday evening. They had been completely in the dark - right up to the 6 p.m. start time of the monthly street party - as to whether they'd be allowed to set up shop.

COC Strikes Deal with Mobile Vendors to offer Moving Menu for Lunch

This week, students were able to purchase crepes, gourmet sandwiches and salads and even freshly made Italian food from the rotating food trucks

Will There Be Food Trucks at Venice’s First Fridays Tonight?

Bigfoot Entertainment we will unfortunately not host food trucks on our lot for First Fridays. We hope that in the future the two groups can find a way to co-exist for First Fridays for the benefit of everyone who frequents and appreciates the food trucks.

Off the Grid: McCoppin Hub

Off the Grid might be closed for the winter at Fort Mason, but it’s still alive and well elsewhere in San Francisco.

Venice Chamber of Commerce on “DENIES” Food Truck Negotiations

Abbot Kinney Merchants Committee of the Venice Chamber of Commerce “rejects claims of negotiations concerning food trucks on First Fridays.”

Koretz Introduced a Bill That Would Prohibit Food Truck Vendors From Parking at Meters

Koretz introduced a bill that would prohibit food truck vendors from parking at meters.

How to Start a Mobile Food Truck Business

The licenses are issued to individuals not businesses and the truck must be operated by the individual who is issued the license.