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Washington, DC: Peace At Last – Food Truck Regulations Passed

Just a couple of weeks after the DC Council rejected proposed regulations on the food truck industry, the subject is back in the news. The Council met yesterday to approve a number of regulations that had been amended since last being rejected.

Washington, DC: D.C. Council Works Out Ingredients of Food Truck Compromise

The D.C. Council on Tuesday approved emergency legislation to address regulations for the city’s food trucks, bringing a peaceful compromise to a three-year battle between brick-and-mortar restaurants and the popular mobile vendors.

Washington, DC: A Political Stalemate Ends in Washington, With Food Truck Rules

A protracted legislative battle that has consumed this city — one that has pitted established businesses against start-ups, energized politicians on both sides of the aisle and prompted a grass-roots online campaign — has finally come to an end.

Washington, DC:Food Truck Regulations Approved by DC Council

The rules have been worked out in way not to hurt the food truck industry yet still provide a new policy when it comes to when and where the trucks can park during lunch hour.

Washington, DC: DC Council Passes Food Truck Bill

The DC Council approved an emergency bill Tuesday afternoon that will create a lottery to decide which DC food trucks get the best locations to set up shop.

Washington, DC: DC Council Passes Revised Food Truck Regulations

The revised rules reduce the amount of unobstructed sidewalk required in order to vend to six feet and reduce the restriction on food trucks near lottery-assigned locations to 200 feet. The rules now move to Mayor Vincent Gray for his signature.

Washington, DC: Six D.C. Food Trucks Included Among America’s 101 Best

Sometimes I think listicles are the lifeblood of the U.S. workplace, the vital fluid that supplies bored office workers with enough oxygen to keep their eyes open during those interminable afternoons following a carb-heavy Chipotle lunch. If this theory holds — admittedly a long shot — then the Daily Meal may be America’s left ventricle, pumping out listicles at a pulse-racing speed.

Washington, DC: Chef Driven Food Truck Owner Calls It Quits

Friday will be the last day for Chef Driven food truck. Food Truck Fiesta reports that owner Jerry Trice has sold his vehicle.

National News: Baltimore Left Off Best Food Trucks List

The Daily Meal is out with its 2013 list of 101 best food trucks in America, and guess who’s on it?

Washington, DC: Washington Stalls the Food-Truck Lobby

Washington has recently become an unlikely hotbed of culinary innovation, with entrepreneurs flocking to this historically stodgy meat-and-two-veg city for the chance to feed dulce de leche cupcakes and kimchi tacos to the masses. Office drones rejoice at the expanded lunch options, but restaurants are less happy.