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Charlottesville, VA: City Council to Consider Zoning Ordinance for Mobile Food Trucks

The purpose of having the mobile food unit ordinance is to provide guidelines on where food trucks can park on public and private properties across the city.

Philadelphia, PA: Councilman Confirms Timeline for Philly Food Pods

Councilmember Mark Squilla confirmed he has been “working with the Mobile Food Association,”

Holland, MI: Beyond Nathan – Food Cart Restrictions a National Issue

Holland officials admitting that the zoning ordinances were enforced to protect the existing “brick-and-mortar” restaurants from competition

Covington, OH: Restaurants NOT Keen on Food Trucks

We need more activity” on the streets

Springfield, MO: Food Truck Vendors Hope for Broader Access

“I’ve done $1,500 on this lot in a day, which is amazing for this size”

Wilmington, NC: Coastal Food Trucks Band Together

They will work together to increase business and ask for the city's help in clarifying zoning laws

Dallas: Arts District Seeks Zoning Change for Gourmet Food Trucks

The Dallas City Council could vote this week on a plan to allow gourmet food trucks downtown.

Hell On Wheels: Why Food Truck Owners Are Feeling The Heat

"Food trucks are hot all over the U.S. right now, thriving in places as diverse as Portland, Austin and even Columbus," says Lizzy Caston