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Food Truck Trailer Park in Lower Greenville will Open in Early 2012

A “food truck trailer park” planned for Lower Greenville will start construction late this summer.

Five Best Practices for Implementing a Successful Food Truck Small Business (Free Download)

Most people still refer to food trucks as ‘Chow Wagons’ or ‘Roach Coaches’, but that image is disappearing fast.

Columbia, MO: GRAND OPENING – ‘Fat Chicks Chow Wagon and Catering’

Fat Chicks offers “fresh, down-home, affordable food delivered to your workplace or event,” Nichols said.

NYC: Chow Fans Flock to Food Truck Fest (video)

A stretch of Chelsea was transformed into a movable feast when 25 of the city's hippest food trucks lined up to feed 1,400 foodies at the first Food Truck Frenzy.

Salt Lake City, UT: Rainy Weather Hurting Many Local Businesses (Food Trucks)

Four mobile food trucks were assembled in Gallivan Plaza despite the steady drizzle. Chow Truck owner SuAn Chow said her business has fluctuated during the past week.

Charlotte: Food Trucks Are Ready To Roll

Has the food truck phenomenon finally rolled in to Charlotte? You can check it out tonight at 5, in the parking lot on 7th Street across from Seventh Street Station, at the Chow Down Uptown Food Truck Rally.

Gainesville, FL: Downtown Weighs Good and Bad of Luring Trendy Food Vendors

On Monday, they talked about the upsides of the trucks as well as the potential roadblocks, both on the permitting side and on the business side, as more vendors could mean competition for brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Gainesville, FL: CRA to Look at Growing Food Truck Industry

The staff wrote that the vehicles add an “abundance of quirky character” and “enhance street life” to cities across America.

The Great Food Truck Race Season 2 Lineup, Revealed!

Although the Food Network declined to confirm the list, the fact that these trucks are out there slinging food on camera makes them likely bets.

Salt Lake City, UT: City Adapting to Fit Needs of Local Mobile Food Vendors...

Mobile food trucks are becoming a trend in Salt Lake City, but where they park and for how long has become a problem.