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Columbus, OH: Food Truck Vendors Get Details On New Pilot Program

The program is meant to regulate the approximately 150 food trucks that conduct business in and around Columbus.

Boulder, CO: Boulder to Look Into Allowing Food Trucks at Six City Parks

Food trucks could be allowed to park and serve food at some Boulder parks during a 12-week period this summer as part of a new city pilot program.

Arlington, TX: Food Trucks in Arlington

This is an opportunity to bring a unique, fun and alternative food experience to Arlington

Greensboro, NC: City Council Stages Its Own Food Truck Fight

No doubt by Christmas there will be some resolution

Greensboro, NC: City May Host Food Truck Pilot Program

The city likely will host a one-month pilot program

Malden, MA: Pilot Mobile Food Truck Program

The goal is to provide original, exciting & healthy food options

Brookline, MA: Food Trucks to Roll Down Brookline Streets as Part of Pilot Program

Beginning in April, food in Brookline is officially going mobile.