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Sioux Falls, SD: Food Falls – New(ish) Food Truck Not What we’re Used To,...

Well, all but one of those four has closed (the truck of Curbside Diamond is constantly in some sort of repair and not consistently out and about) in what was a pretty quick one-year boom for Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls, SD: Food & Drink – Belly up! Curb side Diamond Keeps it...

I see it more of an experience than a truck because of the environment we put you in and with the local businesses that show support

Rapid City, SD: Food Truck Frenzy hits Rapid City

"The Great Food Truck Race" journey ends for the team that makes the least amount of money each week until there is one team left to claim the cash prize. The grand prize for the winner has varied between the seasons going from $50,000 to $100,000 and then to $50,000 along with their custom food truck. The show will air beginning in August on the Food Network.

Sioux Falls, SD: Lunchtime Diners Lose Food Truck to Construction Workers

Bite Me Mobile Bistro will serve breakfast and lunch weekdays at the site along Grange Avenue south of 41st Street, owner Jess Saestrom said. She expects to be there through October.

Sioux Falls, SD: Food Trucks Hot Summer Trend [video]

Food trucks are becoming a common part of the Sioux Falls vernacular.

Rapid City, SD: City’s 1st Food Truck Offers Gourmet On the Go

“We had saved some money in anticipation and were hoping this would be a good jumping-off point,” he said.

Rapid City, SD: City Weighs Changes to Sidewalk Vendor Program

Rapid City is considering changes to its sidewalk vendor program to prevent one person from monopolizing the sale of street food, cut flowers and nonalcoholic beverages downtown in the future.