Calgary, CAN: Food Trucks Face Tough Tests

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Calgary’s food trucks have been selling street eats for over a year and like any food establishment are subjected to regular health inspections.

Over the past fourteen months food inspectors found critical food safety issues in 26 of the 44 food trucks on the road in Calgary.

The issues range from unprotected light bulbs to refrigerators that are not at the proper temperature.

The problems are serious but all the issues have been corrected once they were pointed out by inspectors.

The trucks are inspected without advance notice and so far no truck has ever failed an inspection and been shut down.

“I feel more safe eating from a food truck than a lot of the restaurants I go to,” said James Boettcher of yycfoodtrucks.

The Noodle Bus has been checked three times and on each occasion a single error was found and fixed immediately.

Staff in the truck says food safety is their top priority.

“Anytime they can come up and check because we are clean. We really do keep all the food the proper hygiene and everything. We’re not afraid of any time the inspector will come up. We have nothing to be worried right?” said Rona Bacar.

On Wednesday customers were lined up for a hot bowl of soup and say they aren’t worried.

“You can go to the Alberta health website and look at things and people get citations all the time and most of them are really minor and if you don’t understand it you’ll just see citations and be really worried when really there isn’t too much to worry about” said customer, Amanda Hudson.

Alberta Health says the inspections show the system is working and that food truck grub is as safe as any other restaurant.

For more information on restaurant inspections, visit the Alberta Health Services website.