Can Restaurants Share Chicago With Food Trucks?

Can Restaurants Share Chicago With Food Trucks?:

By FOX Chicago News

Commuters who appreciate fine food at a budget-cost were in luck on Tuesday night at the Red Line Fullerton stop. The “Gaztro Wagon” — a rehabbed postal truck that serves “naan-wiches” — was waiting for them. The Indian flatbread is filled with high-end ingredients like veal piccata, pork belly, lobster, and duck, but the prices are down to earth, ranging from $7 to $12.

Customers benefit from chef Matt Maroni’s low overhead; he bought and equipped the truck for about $21,000. He couldn’t come up with the million dollars he says was needed to start up a restaurant with a permanent address.

FOX Chicago News talked with Gaztro Wagon chef Matt Maroni and Glen Keefer of Keefer’s Restaurant about the sometimes rocky relationship between the food trucks and traditional bricks-and-mortar restaurants.