Credit Card Payments on the Go? Swipe it, Don’t Type It

A wide variety of equipment can be used with the "Square"

A wide variety of equipment can be used with the "Square"


Whether you are already in the restaurant business or contemplating starting your own restaurant, there is a lingering question that you have to ask yourself:  How do you survive / start in this economy?

Well, a lot of businesses already found the answer to that question a long time ago: going mobile. There is a resurgence of food trucks, offering signature sandwiches, salads and pre-packed lunches that rely on social networking services to post their routes and schedules and get their freshly made, accessible and inexpensive food to eager customers. Retailing has boomed online, with e-commerce services letting literally anyone sell anything over the web. This also translates onto the real world where more and more retailers are setting up small shops with hand-made products or produce from their gardens and farms.

That’s the answer: opt out of your cumbersome yearly lease and get your business on the move.  A lot of shopping areas rent out stalls in cyclic periods.  They free you from long term contracts and you don’t have to constantly innovate to keep customers interested.  Set up shop in parking areas and parks, wherever your target market is frequently found or deliver goods that afford customers the convenience of door-to-door delivery.  The options are plentiful, but before starting this type of business, get one detail down first.  How will you process payments? Majority of consumers transact with their credit or debit cards, making Card Processing a major decision.

With a very competitive market of payment processing service providers, Small Business Credit Card Processing decisions can be made with as much information regarding their services as possible. This service is essential in being able to uproot your business and give it wings while still being able to afford customers the practicality of credit or debit card transaction.

There are terminal-less options where you simply type credit card info and have a different company process the payment for you, but there are two major flaws to this process.  From a business perspective, you pay for a service per sale, lessening your profit and adding overhead cost.  From a customers perspective, this means having to give out sensitive information that can simply be jotted down and exploited. Physically swiping the card not only saves you money, but assures the consumer that their information is kept safe.  So go mobile and visit