Food Truck Insurance 101

By Denny Christner, CIC |

Not all insurance is built the same!  Insure My Food Truck has designed an insurance program specifically for gourmet food trucks.   We are passionate about food and insurance. We realize that often times mobile food vendors are frowned upon by insurance companies and not understood by their insurance agents.  This can result in the wrong coverage that can put you at risk.  It also can result in higher premiums because they do not understand the nature of your business.  Insure My Food Truck is changing the game.  We work with a national A rated insurance carrier that knows the industry is primarily comprised of high quality trucks, food and people.  We have spent months working with underwriters and fine tuning this program for the best trucks in class.  We are happy to roll out our preferred coverage and rates because you deserve it!

Some highlights of our program include*:

  • Auto Liability of 1 million per accident.
  • General Liability of 1 million per occurrence and 2 million aggregate.
  • Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement (no charge for your certificates of insurance).
  • Replacement cost property coverage for your contents and kitchen modifications.
  • Loss of business income due to covered losses.
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage equal to your property insurance limit.
  • Spoilage coverage due to power failure or breakdown.
  • Coverage for your (often costly) vehicle wrap.
  • Easy billing plan with NO financing fees.

The premiums are extremely competitive and the coverage is extremely comprehensive.  Please visit our website for more details or contact us anytime to discuss if you qualify for this program. There is also valuable information on our blog about properly protecting and insuring your business.

Denny Christner, CIC

Chief Truck Protector

Insure My Food Truck