Montreal, CAN: Food Truckin’: Pas d’cochon dans mon salon

By Sam Ergina  |  The Main


As the days become more and more beautiful, appreciation of the diverse and delicious food trucks increases as well. Luckily, most of them were in the same spot of town to fill the appetites of the Just for Laughs visitors, so it was easy to try a bunch of them out at once! Among the sea of trucks lined up next to Place des Arts was a smokehouse barbecue joint with a long, but awesome name: Pas d’cochon dans mon salon.

This truck has a unique style of serving– its back doors are open, inviting customers to enjoy a view that would belong in an old fashioned BBQ house. Among the short, yet interestingly wide assortment of food they offer (oysters, gazpacho and a Florentine salad), the signature dish PCDMS is known for was what we needed to try: the pulled pork sandwich.


While many trucks have received criticism for their overpriced food, PCDMS has a remarkably fair price– two buns literally overloaded with pulled pork is $7. Even if the portion doesn’t strike you as reasonable when comparing it to the price, the quality of this meat will definitely change your mind. The pulled pork isamazing. It’s salty and has a hint of tomato sauce flavour, which is balanced by a smoky sweetness. The pork lies on a bed of lettuce that slightly dulls the flavour, so it doesn’t completely overload your taste buds!

It’s true that there are plenty of great trucks driving around Montreal this summer, but Pas d’cochon dans mon salon is a must for any BBQ enthusiast ready to redefine their standards!

Make sure to check out their Facebook/Twitter page to keep up with where they will be and when.