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Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Eats and Sweets Serves Gourmet Sweet and Salty Crepes

Eats and Sweets offers crepes tailored to specific events -- such as fresh grouper crepes for a boat show -- and uses fresh ingredients to quickly produce made-to-order dishes as it moves from place to place.

New York, NY: Cheesesteak & Eggs for Breakfast from Phil’s Steaks

Without a lot of room on food trucks for storage, they basically use the same ingredients for breakfast as lunch, with the addition of eggs, bacon and sausage to the menu.

Vancouver, CAN: Beljam’s Waffles Food Truck to serve breakfast at Strathcona Elementary

Breakfast is an important meal for everyone, especially kids. It’s our hope that other food trucks will follow in our footsteps

National News: Boardwalk Breakfast Empire — Rolling Out the Great Food Truck Race

The start of the fourth season of The Great Food Truck Race is just a little more than a week away

St. Joseph, MO: Local Food Vendor Sees Success at Training Camp

We have the opportunity of doing breakfast and lunch, so I think it's better and cooler, we've had really nice weather

Chicago, IL: Food Truck of the Week – Eastman Egg Company

The illusive breakfast of champions -- a beautiful thing invented, but not satisfied by, a bowl of Wheaties. By the time you hit the snooze button three times, throw the alarm on the floor altogether, roll out of bed, skip the shower and head to work there is hardly time for any breakfast at all.

Worcester, MA: New Food Truck Has Important Mission in Worcester, Mass.

The new truck is being run by the Worcester Public Schools in partnership with the Worcester County Food Bank.

New York, NY: Street Eats – Fancy Grits from The Steel Cart

The fried egg also had a little crispiness around the edges, but our favorite part of the egg is the yolk. Breaking up the soft yellow yolk helped us spread yolky love all over the bacon and gouda cheese.

Durango, CO: New Vegan Food Truck Takes to Durango, CO Streets

The Pod began serving its famed beet burger and breakfast burritos at a local street market earlier this month.

Fort Lauserdale, FL: Fort Lauderdale’s Eggstatic Food Truck Rolls Out Organic Breakfast

"People are waking up. We are seeing a lot more interest in locally sourced food, organic food," said Katherine Paul, spokeswoman for Organic Consumers Association. "People are realizing the corporate and industrial food systems are not producing healthy food."