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Food Helps Fatten San Francisco Rec & Park’s Lean Budget

The expansion of commercial presence in parks has brought in $7 million in new revenue since 2006.

Should Cities Drive Food Trucks Off the Streets?

The trucks offer entrepreneurs a way to get started in the restaurant business.

Editorial: Novato’s Right to Reject Ban on Food Trucks Near Schools

They have set their sights on the food trucks, whose presence and business make what they call "a mockery" of the school's wellness programs.

Chicago: Dear Mr. Mayor – A Few Suggestions from a Humble Food Lover

"I don't want to be the only city without food trucks. So I want the restaurants to work with these guys to come up with a compromise."

Manhattan, KS: Host ‘Food Truck Race’

People who appreciate the culinary experience of a meal served from a kitchen on wheels can eat like a gourmet this weekend in Manhattan.

Jackson, MS: Mobile-Food Ordinance Finds Supporters

Whitwell proposed an ordinance allowing mobile-food vendors at the urging of local food retailers eager to carry their goods to high-customer locations.

No More Waiting In Line at The Food Truck or Concession Stand

Yorder (previously called iConcessionStand) is a free mobile-app for iPhones and Android phones. The idea behind the app is simple: sports fans can order food, beverages, and merchandise from their seat and about 15-20 minutes later receive their order without missing a minute of the game.

Giving 30% Credits to Catering Trucks Coming Out of New York City……

"We will not support people who run back to New York City with their equipment, who run back to New York City with their catering trucks, who run back to New York City with their infrastructure.

DC: Groups Urge City To Tax Sales From Food Trucks

Alexander said “But they’re making a sizable amount of income. … We want things to be fair” between the trucks and existing, brick-and-mortar restaurants.

“Off the Grid’s” Roaming Food Truck Party & the Budget Gourmet Revolution

Off the Grid, a flotilla of food trucks that roams the city, attracting musicians and crowds wherever it alights.