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Asheville, NC: Answer Man Delves into Oaths, Food Trucks

Mobile food trucks are required to have a manager present that is trained in basic food safety through ServSafe or an equivalent course, just as a restaurant does. Enforcement of this rule through loss of points in an inspection will begin in January 2014 for both mobile food units and restaurants

National News: Protectionism

Competition is good for your community. Restaurants have an incredible advantage over food trucks. Shelter, seating, alcohol and on-site restrooms are hard to compete with.

San Diego, CA: Hungry? MCAS Miramar Hosts Gourmet Food Trucks

Troops with refined appetites can head over to MCAS Miramar, where a corral of gourmet food trucks have been allowed on base to replace a food court under construction.

El Paso, TX: Diners Welcome El Paso Downtown Foodville

Opening day for a new Downtown food truck court was deemed a success by the food sellers.

El Paso, TX: Foodville Brings Local Eateries to Downtown El Paso

Foodville has opened up shop in downtown El Paso, giving nearby visitors and nearby workers new place to spend their lunch hour.

Boston, MA: Food Trucks to Remain at SoWa Year Round

Even though the main open market is done for the season, the SoWa vintage market and the food truck court will live on throughout the winter.

El Paso, TX: Food-Truck Court to Cater to Downtown El Paso Crowds

This is one of the small things that make a big city. I think it will help keep people from leaving Downtown for lunch

Monrovia,CA: Food Truck Lawsuit Costs City $215,000

City to pay the organization $75,000 in attorneys fees

Arlington, VA: ACPD Launches Coordinated Operations Against Food Trucks

“The initial intent for the plainclothes had nothing to do with vendors,” he said.