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Darrell Hurmis: The Lowdown on “Wheel Estate”

I navigated through a canyon of mobile food trucks

San Diego, CA: Food Trucks Forced Out of Downtown

Food trucks made a brief appearance in downtown San Diego

So to Speak: Food trucks inspire glut of possibilities

Americans standing in line in a parking lot to buy ribs

On the Highest Floors, Food Comes to the Workers

Fancy-food trucks have been rumbling into the gigantic freight elevator

Palm Beach, FL: City Wants to Crack Down on Popular Food Trucks

Commissioners are trying to put more restrictions on the mobile food vendors

Bellingham, WA: Food Trucks Bring a Lunch Time Revolution

What was once one or two taco trucks, has turned into a convoy.

No More Tacos: UTSA Food Truck Owner Cuffed

Police initially cited owner Marty Davis

Foodtruckin’ Saturday in the Dallas Arts District

This is a one of a kind truck park/food court put together for the Foodies of DFW