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Minneapolis, MN: Sweet Alternative to the Food Truck Scene [video]

Cupcakes's owner, VanDeraa and his team will load up a bright orange and blue van each day and park it in downtown Minneapolis.

Eat and Run: For Fast Fusion, go Gogi

The food-truck craze may have jumped the shark too, before it even arrived on the Portland peninsula.

New Summer Food Truck Event Fuels Hopes for a Toronto Street Food Revolution

Starting this July, Food Truck Eats will host food trucks and street food stalls featuring some top Toronto chefs

Towson, MD: More Food Trucks Rolling into Towson?

Baltimore's nascent gourmet food truck market has kicked into overdrive in the last year.

6 Easy Ways To Reward Your Twitter Followers

Businesses have the potential to turn these fans into brand ambassadors by making their followers feel special and appreciated. Here are six ways to reward your Twitter followers.

Boston: Meals Behind the Wheels

Boston’s burgeoning street food scene gets a big boost with five new sellers open for business on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Food Trucks Given Limited Access to Customer

“That’s the place where restaurant owners really have a problem with food truck owners,” Del Castillo said. “I’m an Uptown kind of guy.”


We were not able to attend the Zagat Food Truck Frenzy yesterday, but Jonathan from The Food Randomist offered to cover the event as a Guest Writer....

Hamilton, ONT: Food Truck Fever

This feisty city of 500,000 is poised to welcome two trailblazing food trucks dishing out gourmet cupcakes and grilled cheese sandwiches.

SF: Food Fight!

The trucks rolled in around 4 p.m. and the hungry masses rolled in soon after as the Food Truck Crush kicked off with five-star reviews at the Larkspur Landing ferry terminal Friday.