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Raleigh, NC: Step into the Van with Klausie’s Pizza

One of the truly under-appreciated food scenes in the Triangle is that of food trucks. The Triangle boasts some innovative and great-tasting food from trucks like Bulkogi, Only Burger, and Raleigh-based Klausie’s Pizza.

Glendale, CA: Meet ‘n PotatoesTruck Cited

The food fight between restaurateurs and mobile gourmet trucks has picked up in recent weeks as the two industries tussle over a prime customer base — the lunch crowd.

Restaurants, Food Trucks in Turf War

A food fight is breaking out in downtown San Francisco, with a group of restaurants squaring off against an incursion of food trucks that they say pose unfair competition.

Santa Rosa Restaurateurs Decry Mobile Food Vendor Events

A street food fight has broken out in downtown Santa Rosa between restaurateurs and the growing group of food truck operators they say are eating their lunch.

Taco Truck Bows to Pressure, Leaves Upper East Side

After Paty's Taco Truck was towed twice by police from its parking space on the Upper East Side last week, the mobile eatery finally left its home of two years on Monday — at least during the daytime. Paty's Taco Truck relocated to the Upper West Side after coming under pressure on the Upper East Side.

VIDEO: Venice, Ca – Food Trucks Prep for Venice Beach Turf Wars

Food Trucks were back in Venice Friday, and not to the delight of some area businesses and residents. They've always been a staple of the "First Fridays" events, but then the streets got too crowded.

Chicago Food Truck Debate

According to the Sun Times a group of restaurateurs is pressuring the city to keep them from being able to prepare food on board.