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Buffalo, NY: The Roaming Buffalo has Arrived!

I'm happy to see The Roaming Buffalo join the ranks of food trucks along with R&R, The Whole Hog, Rolling Joe Café and, of course, Lloyd Taco.

Columbus, OH: Latin Grill Puts its Food on Wheels

The owner of the Venezuelan restaurant El Arepazo in Pearl Alley Downtown has officially opened a second location - on wheels.

Kimchi on Wheels: Food Truck Trend Gears Up in Canada

Just as the craze is beginning to wane in the United States, the food-truck trend is revving up in Canada.

Farmer’s Market, Food Truck and More May Actually Make You Want to Eat at...

Airport officials just released their decisions on who is going to score the coveted leases for 2012, and it looks like the airport is getting burgers, vegetables, and even a food truck.

Toronto, CAN: Smoked Meat Goes Mobile at Caplansky’s

Waiting for changes to Toronto's street food laws to take shape is the soon-to-launch Caplanasky's food truck.

Food Trucks: Serving Up Jobs

Last spring, when Clover began serving its vegetarian fare on the Greenway, the company consisted of one truck and a half-dozen or so employees.

Boulder: Leaders Serve Up Food Truck Approval

In a unanimous vote, the Boulder City Council on Tuesday night approved new rules allowing food trucks to sell their goods in select areas of the city.

Raleigh City Council Reviews Food Truck Proposal Tuesday April 19th

The Raleigh City Council will review a proposal on food trucks this Tuesday, April 19th at 6:30 at 222 W. Hargett St.

Toronto Might Be Moving To Food Cart Sanity – If Province, City Hall &...

“We should maybe regulate hours of operation and location and, of course, health and safety, but not the menu.

Bite Of Minnesota: Food Trucks Returning

I’m also looking forward to the food trucks hitting the streets. It is sure to be an explosion of food options due to loosened regulation and increased interest in starting mobile food carts.