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Medford, OR: Medford won’t let food truck park in front of downtown club

Late-night revelers at the Bohemian Club have been enjoying a midnight meal at the Fired Up Food Truck that has been parking outside since November.

Albuquerque, NM: City Council expected to reach decision on food truck proposal

On Monday night, Albuquerque City Council is expected to make a final decision on a proposal that would limit where food trucks can park.

Portsmouth, VA: Portsmouth votes to allow food trucks

Portsmouth officials have officially voted to allow food trucks in the city.

Oak Park Heights, MN: Oak Park Heights bans most food truck operations in city

The city of Oak Park Heights has banned most food trucks from operating in the city. Some exceptions exist for private catering events and limited nonprofit sales events.


At a legislative meeting last November, city councilors bemoaned the results of the food truck pilot program, which saw just seven trucks operate in the city last year and was set to expire at the end of 2015.

Pensacola, FL: Food trucks – What’s it going to take?

Food truck operators have been trying to come back into the city ever since they were pushed out, on the grounds that the city didn't regulate their operation.

Adelaide, AUS: Council policy will ‘drive food trucks out of business’

By Bension Siebert | In Daily Adelaide’s food truck program will likely collapse under proposed changes to the Adelaide City Council policy, vendors have warned. Operators of...

Aurora, : Aurora sanctions food trucks, expands zoning to schools for events

The test regulations that City Council adopted last year gave the food trucks permission to operate anywhere in the city as long as it was at least 175 feet away from the front door of an open brick and mortar restaurant, and at least 50 feet away from any residential areas.

Abilene, TX: Food Truck and Concert Site Causes Controversy at Council

f you’re a ‘foodie’ you may be in for a treat. City Council approved a zoning change that would allow a food truck court and concert venue. The decision did not come without debate.

Edmonton, CAN: Wheels of fortune – Food trucks here, and there, to stay

The City of Edmonton said it had issued 149 food vendor permits as of June 30, but the total includes trucks, carts and trailers. City communications adviser Karen Burgess said she believes food trucks accounted for about 70 of those permits.