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Bangalore, IND: These Super Cool Women Manage Asia’s 1st All Women Food Truck In...

This is the first food truck in Asia to be organized with no man in sight.

Bengaluru, IND: Bengalureans Treat Themselves at Truck Food at Street Fiesta

The second day of the Food Truck Street Fiesta 2016 organised by the Bangalore Food Trucks Association with the support of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation drew an overwhelming response with much of the food stuff in trucks being consumed by foodies by around 9.30 pm though the fest was to be open till 11 pm.

Bangalore, IND: In absence of law, food trucks face existence crisis

Competition is not the culprit. Food truck owners believe in the-more-the-merrier principle.

Bangalore, IND: The BLR Food Truck + Music Festival Returns for a Bigger Round...

The BLR Food Truck+Music Festival is back with its second edition, featuring a bigger line-up of food trucks and musical performances. We could get used to this.

Seattle, WA: Curry-licious Tacos More Than a Cliche

The side of the truck declares "Mobile Indian Cuisine," but while they offer a straightforward curry bowl....

Check Please! Restaurants Inspected, but Reports are Hard to Find

These are just some of the findings detailed in the hundreds of 2010 and 2011 inspection reports obtained....

Food Trucks Serving Cuisine of India…. Hip Across USA

These restaurants on wheels, some of which claim to be serving gourmet and off-beat foods, have become popular in California , New York , Texas, North Carolina, Philadelphia , and Washington DC.