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Las Vegas, NV: Close Down Bathrooms, Not Food Trucks

Food truck defenders can be happy, at least for now, that the issue was tabled.

Las Vegas, NV: Council Can’t Decide on Changes for Regulating Food Trucks

Council members could not agree on a distance requirement

Las Vegas, NV: Pool Party & Food Truck Fest [video]

Gourmet food trucks have proven successful

Las Vegas, NV: Trucks of the Trade

Food truck owners agree that finding a place to park and attract a high volume of customers can be tough

Las Vegas: Slidin’ Thru Ready to Expand from Truck to Restaurants

Slidin' Thru is opening two drive-thru locations

Fuku Burger LA’s Chef Mags on How To Do a Fuku Bomb

I figured this whole Japanese-twist-on-a-burger thing was mere gimmick

Las Vegas: Say Goodbye to Sloppi Jo’s Roving Eatery (but not Jo)

“It’s going to be shipped out of town on the 13th,” says Jo