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Las Vegas, NV: Food Trucks to Get Dedicated Parking Spaces at 3 Downtown Locations

Food trucks will be able to lease one of three reserved parking spaces downtown from the city for $5 per hour. Operating a food truck legally in the city can be challenging because the trucks only are allowed to park at a meter for 30 minutes at a time, even though setting up the kitchen often takes half an hour.

Las Vegas, NV: Vegas City Council Approves Food Truck Spaces

Las Vegas City Council unanimously approved a motion Wednesday on three special downtown parking spaces that would allow food trucks to operate legally.

Las Vegas, NV: Bill Would Create Special Parking for Food Trucks Downtown

Any effort to open up the streets to food trucks is a step in the right direction. But this pilot program proposal is an inadequate solution to a problem the city itself created

Las Vegas, NV: Plan Proposed to Designate Food Truck Parking in Downtown Las Vegas

An ordinance has been proposed that would designate special parking for food truck

Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas Council to Hear Pilot Plan Where Food Trucks Have...

Trucks are allowed to park at city parking meters for only half an hour at a time, even though it often takes them that much time to set up for the lunch rush

Las Vegas, NV: Parking Meters, Food Trucks, Ogden Business Plans up for Las Vegas...

After passing an ordinance in October forbidding food trucks from setting up within 150 feet of brick-and-mortar restaurants, the city will consider a plan to give the mobile food vendors more space to operate.

Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas Street Food – Fukuburger Truck

Fukuburger is a destination in itself is a Ranked #19 on The Daily Meal's inaugural 101 Best Food Trucks in America. Be Careful How You Pronounce It!

Las Vegas, NV: Red Dragon Building Momentum with Community Food Fests

By Brock Radke | LasVegasWeekly.com What is quickly becoming a local dynasty began with an effort to strengthen the community. Rainer Galgana, who was working...

Las Vegas, NV: The Debate Over Food Trucks is Really About the Fight for...

“It’s fast, easy and quick,” Bob Meyers adds. “And it’s the first thing we saw.”

Las Vegas, NV: Council Can’t Decide on Changes to Regulate Vegas Food Trucks [video]

Restaurants & food trucks attract different types of customers so he saw no conflict" says Councilman Steve Ross