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The More Food Trucks the Merrier

Food trucks have put Northeast Ohio on the map through the Great Food Truck Race

Charlottesville, VA: Outside the Lunchbox

UVA Dining Services came up with a student meal solution... FOOD TRUCKS!

Philadelphia Building Food Truck Momentum

Guapos Tacos, Latin Farmer & The Buttercream Cupcake Lady trucks all in one place!

Chicago, IL: Food Trucks Send Foodies a Buzz [video]

Chicago's food truck fever has even gone to the dogs.

Winter Haven, FL: Harry’s Old Place, New Truck

It’s actually the restaurant’s mobile catering kitchen, essentially a food truck

I Want Food Trucks for Lunch Too!

You want the food trucks to come to your office area? Here are some thoughts and tips for you.

Top Five U.S. Cities for Street Food

Stopping off at a food truck or cart for lunch or a late snack is becoming a travel ritual for many.

The Rolling Hunger Feeds Houston With GPS Help

Although this business model creates a lot of flexibility in terms of finding the ideal location(s), it can also make it a challenge for the customer to find exactly where a food truck is at any given time

Milwaukee, WI: Gathering of the Food Trucks

As Milwaukee food trucks and mobile vendors proliferate, they are starting to market themselves like auto dealers. They cluster together.

Changing Gears: Midwest Food Trucks Hit Legal Roadblocks

Food trucks are a hot trend in cities from LA to Denver. They’ve transformed the way people think about the restaurant business.