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The History of New York’s Street Food

Food vending has always provided fast and delicious food to New Yorkers.


Borough Administrator Stanley Sickels told the council that after consulting with Sobel, he recommended that mobile vending be limited to a single spot on Oakland Street, between the station and West Street.

Denver: Mile High Mobile Vending!

Denver, Colorado, like many places in the US, is seeing the increase in mobile vending. This increase has led to some push back from traditional brick and mortar establishments as well as hot dog vendors concerned about increased street food competition.

Welcome to the Food Truck Fight!

We set up NCAA-style brackets with our favorite 32 food trucks (click here for a ranked list and description of each), and we’re leaving it to reader voting—which starts March 1—to decide who moves on to the next round.

Jamaica: Broilers Moves Into Mobile Vending

Jamaica Broilers Group (JBG) has begun selling and branding hot dog vending carts through contractual agreements aimed at pushing its Reggae Jammin brand while at the same time providing an opportunity for small businesspersons in the fast food trade.

DC: Austin Grill Joins the Food Truck Race

D.C.'s Tex-Mex chain with six area locations, announced yesterday that the company is opening a seventh business: a food truck, hitting the streets of DC by March 1.

VIDEO: El Paso Mobile Food Vendors Challenge City’s Effort to Run Them Out of...

El Paso is making a blatant attempt to run mobile vendors out of town in order to protect brick-and-mortar restaurants. But economic protectionism is not a valid exercise of the government’s police power.

San Antonio: Toastie Buns… Restaurant on Wheels

He inherited the truck in November 2008 after his father-in-law's death and started converting it into a food truck, although, at the time, he didn't know what he was going to do with it.

Restaurant Owner Vows to Oust JapaCurry Truck from Legal Spot Downtown

Jay Hamada thought he was doing everything right, spending thousands of dollars and wading through months of confusing permit applications to get the proper licenses for his JapaCurry food truck.

meltDOWN etc., Plans Return to Los Angeles With Modern Food Truck

meltDOWN etc, the Culver City original quick serve grilled cheese concept, has immediate plans to return as a mobile food truck, with plans to serve grilled cheese enthusiasts throughout the city of Los Angeles in a new mode, via the food truck.