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Winter Park, FL: 24/7 Food Truck Stop Launches

He charges the mobile vendors $350 on a month-to-month basis and provides

Fresno: Lenience For Lunch Trucks?

Lunch trucks can park at a location as long as there are customers waiting.

Part of Nashville’s Food Truck Revolution, Riffs Fine Street Food takes Asian & Caribbean...

Where should they park? Do they threaten restaurants? Who should oversee them?

Food Network Contest: Vote for Your Favorite Orlando Food Truck

Local contenders include BC Tacos, Big Wheel Provisions, C&S Brisket Bus, CK Jerk Shack and the Kalbi Hau5 Truck.

Vancouver: Lost Food Opportunity in Davis Bay?

The mobile vendor pad on the Davis Bay seawall sits empty this summer

Orlando, FL: Coming Soon – A Truck Full of Cheesy Goodness

The Gastro-Truck — on Central Florida’s streets by next month.

Now Flipping Eggs: Nick’s Wheely Good Breakfast Truck

Alameda-based Nick’s Wheely Good Breakfast Truck pulled up to a soft launch in Emeryville last week.

A MUST READ!: Food Truck Summer Secrets

Food cart startups, mobile vendor franchises, and food truck concepts continue to roll out in every zip code in the United States.

Austin Food Trucks Get Politically Organized

The Food Trailer Alliance is largely organized by Tony Yamanaka, a marketing guy at Austin's Better Business Bureau.

Dallas Clears the Path for Restaurants on Wheels [Unanimously Passed]

The Dallas City Council has unanimously passed some tweaks to city code to pave the way for food trucks that have become popular in many cities.