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San Francisco, CA: Restaurants Say Food Trucks are Hurting Business

Brick and mortar restaurants in San Francisco's Barbary Coast neighborhood say they're being driven out of business by food trucks.

Vancouver, CAN: DINER- Bacon-Fetishist Food Cart Opening “Pig & Mortar” On West 6th Ave...

I love Volkswagen Westfalias and pork, so when street food vendor Pig On The Street came along and combined the two, I was understandably pretty stoked.

National News: Food Truck Franchises Face Unique Challenges On and Off the Road

Traditional bricks-and-mortar chains have introduced food trucks as a supplemental offering

National News: Big Companies Jump on the Mobile Kitchen Trend

Big and small companies of all kinds have an amazing opportunity to expand their business.

Boston, MA: Bon Me To Open Brick & Mortar Restaurant – Which Food Trucks...

Bon Me isn’t the first mobile eatery to go stationary.

Boston, MA: Why is Phantom Gourmet Against Food Trucks? Follow the Ad Money

Bostonians opt for a better food truck option instead.

Hell on Wheels: Why Food Truck Owners Are Increasingly Turning to Brick-and-Mortar Shops

“Hands down, brick-and-mortar is easier,” says David Schillace, the owner of Mexicue

The Day of the Chick-fil-A Food Truck Is Finally at Hand

More limited menu than the brick-and-mortar locations