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Santa Monica, CA: Planning Commission to Consider Food Truck Permits

Change would allow food trucks to gather at designated sites

Scam: Vaccine Cards Sold as Scrap & Turned Into Paper Plates for Street Food...

There's more on the paper plate that holds that spicy samosa

Hawthorne, CA Looks to Distinguish Between Gourmet Food Trucks, ‘Roach Coaches’

Proposed changes would require truck gatherings in private parking lots to comply with several rules to ensure that they don't become a nuisance.

Food Truck Eviction Stirs Debate

The trucks were evicted from their makeshift home outside of a Best Buy store a few weeks after they began congregating there on Tuesday nights in June.

Minot, ND: Dinner is Served – Organizations Help with Feeding Evacuees

"We can handle about 400 meals without a sweat," Fortenberry said, as he flipped hamburgers.

Surat, India: SMC to Provide Food Licence to Roadside Eateries

Surat Municipal Corporation ( SMC) is all set to issue food licence to roadside eatery stalls based on the guidelines of the health department in order to maintain the health and hygiene standards in the city.

Boulder: Food Trucks Get Final Green Light in Boulder

Effective immediately, food trucks can legally sell their street fare in Boulder -- with some limitations.

Fresno, CA: Code Enforcement Will Change From What Some See as Harassment

Fresno's code enforcement practice for too long has relied on an aggressive "drive-by" approach that is aimed at solving neighborhood problems by writing tickets for code violations -- many of them of the trivial variety.

Richmond Extends Moratorium On Outdoor Vendors

The ban on new permits for outdoor vendors was to expire April 1; it now ends February 2012.

Italian Lunch Truck Proposed for La Jolla

Two former La Jolla restaurant employees are looking to put a new, high-end twist on an old working-class standard: the lunch truck.