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Food Trucks: Still Not Welcome in Prince Georges County

This morning, at the conference of the International Council of Shopping Centers, as suprising questions was posed: Does your jurisdiction support food trucks?

Korean BBQ Taco Box in Orlando

Today I had the chance to drop by the Korean BBQ Taco Box Food Truck for lunch. They just opened up yesterday (shout out to Big Bad Voodoo Lou from Chowhound for the find!) and I was dying to try their goods.

Types of Concession Food Possibilities

There are many different types of food that can be sold from a concession trailer or concession truck. Deciding on the type of food you will sell, however, can be quite tricky.

Food Trucks Near FIDM Serve Up Controversy

But the trucks near FIDM are a different story. "They park here knowing they are going to get a ticket," an employee said, "but for them, that is their rent."

Vancouver May Impose Nutritional Requirements on Street Vendors

Vancouver is looking to become the first city in Canada to implement minimum nutritional standards for new street food vendors.

S.F.: Southern Sandwich Food Truck Debuts This Week

On Thursday, Southern Sandwich makes its longed-for S.F. debut at Off the Grid: UN Plaza. Nathan Niebergall tells SFoodie Thursday's S.F. premiere is merely the first of regular OTG appearances for the next six months.

Food Trucks are a Hit at the UW

The food trucks, collectively called UW Street Food, are open only for lunch, only on weekdays. They take only credit cards and student dining account cards.

Remote Cabin Shoot for Spy Girl Productions

If keeping the cast & crew happy with great food is the mission, we have a proven track record of providing fresh, flavorful food at any location, whether or not power and water are provided.

My Chef to Go: Mobile Dining at it’s Best

Shawn Johansen felt it was time to take on a new challenge with "My Chef To Go".

A Small Suggestion For the Canters Food Truck – Come Down Here!

Canter's folks, please, please bring egg creams to the masses.