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Birmingham, AL: Grilled Cheese and More from Melt Birmingham

According to the self-described “cheesy chicks,” it is the cornerstone in the partnership between Pizitz, a certified matchmaker with experience in her family’s frozen-yogurt business; and Reis, who co-founded and helped run the restaurants Ocean and 26 for 10 years

Springfield, MO: Restaurant Profile – Smokin’ Bob’s BBQ

I thought, this is really good; I need to market this. The food trucks are coming on. I thought it’d be a good idea

New York, NY: Street Eats – Moroccan Sandwich from The Pocketful

The combination of falafel, sweet potatoes and peanut sauce was very tasty. We love sweet potatoes, and they were even better with a little kick from the spicy peanut sauce.

Columbus, OH: New Food Trucks 2013 – Dr. Mom’s Tasty Bites

Dr. Mom’s offers tasty and healthy paninis, burgers, and sides all with a Mediterranean flair. Determined to provide customers with “good food prepared in a healthy way”, the Veggie Panini, a large sandwich comprised of nut-free pesto, grilled onions, eggplant, zucchini, roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese, is indicative of what Dr. Mom stands for.

Wellington, NZ: It’s a Wrap

am tremendously fond of burritos, even if they do seem to be a more Tex-Mex variant than a proper, traditional Mexican dish (I didn't, for instance, encounter a lot of burritos in Mexico City - soft tacos and fajitas, yes; burritos and nachos - nope).

Los Angeles, CA: Grilled Cheese Invitational in Los Angeles Draws Fans of the Classic...

The smell of butter and cheese filled the air in downtown Los Angeles as competitors got into a heated battle of the grilled cheese sandwiches.

Riverhead, NY: Food Trucks Coming to Tanger, Riverhead

The event, part of Tanger’s “Great Taste, Great Style” home and garden weekend was organized by local food and wine magazine Edible East End, which is calling it the “Taste of the East End Food Truck Derby.

New York, NY: NYSF First Look – The Steel Cart

From the first bite, there was a burst of several different flavors in this sandwich. Gorgonzola cheese was the most apparent, but there was also a dijon aioli sauce making itself known.

Syracuse, NY: Syracuse Area Food Trucks Start to Stake Out their Locations

Their offerings include a falafel sandwich, mushroom burger, fried chicken and a burger spiced with harissa, a hot red chili pepper paste from North Africa.

Northhampton, MA: New Food Truck Hits the Streets of Western Mass

It’s really about making food that makes people happy, healthy, and delicious and that gives your soul that kind of glow