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New York, NY: A Barista Brings Gourmet Coffee and Espresso to New York Streets...

Byron Kaplan uses upscale Counter Culture beans — and serves his brew in glass cups! — at two Manhattan corners

Seattle, WA: Food Truck Given the Boot for Selling Non-Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks doesn't own Starbucks Center, but it has a non-compete agreement with the owner

The Women of Dallas Fort Worth Food Trucks

They represent 15% of the food trucks in DFW

Boston: BU Food Trucks for Dummies

New food trucks sprinkle the campus like beacons of light for those who want to try something new

6 Places to Chow Down at Food Trucks in Seattle

Food trucks are ditching the solo act in Seattle and congregating in pods around the city

Seattle, WA: Council OKs More Food Trucks on Streets

Seattle will join the ranks of cities around the country where food trucks can legally do business on a public street.

Farmer’s Market, Food Truck and More May Actually Make You Want to Eat at...

Airport officials just released their decisions on who is going to score the coveted leases for 2012, and it looks like the airport is getting burgers, vegetables, and even a food truck.

Miami: Latin Burger Tops in Twitter Followers, GastroPod #2, Fish Box #3

Once the avenue for college kids to accumulate friends, social networking is now a part of a lot of company marketing strategies.

Starbucks’ Mobile Payment App Sees Explosive Growth

More than 3 million people have paid using Starbucks Card Mobile. The app, available on iPhones and other smartphones, was tested in a few stores late last year, but was rolled out to nearly 7,000 stores in January.